Tuesday, June 10, 2008

comfortable solution-blossumz.com

With all the Breastfeeding talk I thought I would share with you a wonderful product called Blossumz.com What a great idea!!

Looking for the perfect baby shower/new mom gift or simply looking to comfort a friend?
Look no further, Blossumz warm/cool breast therapy packs make the perfect gift to comfort a friend or pamper your self. Women who are breastfeeding or recovering from breast surgery commonly experience breast swelling and pain. Unlike homemade hot/cold packs, Blossumz are a comfortable and effective way to treat sore and swollen breasts. Women no longer have to settle for a frozen bag of peas, frozen cabbage leaves or uncomfortable bags of ice cubes. No more inconvenient hot showers and messy warm wash clothes. The perfect way to show a friend you care or to take care of yourself~soothing, calming, comfortable~Blossumz are a women's breast friend!

for more information on this great innovative product visit blossumz.com


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