Tuesday, February 26, 2008

37 weeks- The light at the end of the tunnel

There is finally a light at the end of this long road... I am almost 37 weeks pregnant with my c-section scheduled for March 18th at 11am-YIPPPEEE

Monday, February 25, 2008

A better Baby Bib by abetterbib.com

Looking for the Perfect Bib for your Messy newborn or Toddler? Look no further than abetterbib.com. I just love the range of products that they have for my 3 year old son who is really interested in Arts and crafts to our newborn's burp cloths and bibs.The Fabric Choices are stylish and unique- a must have for a picky mommy like me...clean kids and stylish at the same time!

"What makes A Better Bib "better"? Long sleeves to keep your kids clothes clean. Comfortable knit ribbing around the neck so nothing gets down the front of the bib. A thick absorbent terry front with plenty of coverage in the lap,where you need it most. A tie closure in back for easy adjustment while ensuring a secure fit. Completely Machine washable. Made in the USA."A Better Bib" can be used as an art smock, a child's kitchen apron, giving medications,etc... All of our bibs can be personalized with your child's name for that custom feel" abetterbib.com.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shopping Guide- Love these sites!

Check out these websites for the hottest must have items!

What makes a bib "better"? Long sleeves to keep kids’ clothes clean. Comfortable ribbing around the neck so nothing goes down the front and a thick absorbent terry with plenty of coverage in the lap. Bibs can be personalized with a child's name. Visit www.abetterbib.com and get 10% OFF—use code “CHIC08”

Mix & match blankets, diaper bag caddies and burp cloths. You pick the fabrics and they do all the work. Make it pink or red for a Valentine’s Day theme at your next baby shower! www.katesbabybasics.com.

Pink Kettle Black Hearts Koolaburra Boot. These boots are sure to keep you warm made with top grade Australian sheepskin. The leather and embroidery make a unique design. Not only will they keep you warm but they will also make you stand out from the crowd. Give a hint to your boyfriend! www.shopambiance.com

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by giving these sweet treats to those close to you! These Limited Edition Violet Love chicBuds earphones, adorned Swarovski crystals, have a built-in retractor for 5 adjustments in cord length. www.chicbuds.com

Give this to your working girlfriend for Valentine’s Day! Let her be that “it” girl in the office whom is always prepared for life’s little emergencies! Includes: a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lip balm, mints, pain relievers, hand lotion, an emery board, clear nail polish, polish remover, nail clippers, facial tissues, deodorant, tampons, band-aids, a hair brush, a mirror, lint brush, mending kit, scissors, stain remover, static remover, and shoe shine wipes at www.shopintuition.com.

Having a Valentine’s Day party and need to run a million errands? OnTray is a mom-invented product that makes shopping with kids… dare we say… “easy!” It’s a tray that attaches to shopping cart handle bars to hold your child's favorite snack or toy. It keeps little hands busy, and frees you up to shop! Give yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day! Visit www.ontray2go.com.

This set is great for delicate hands and delicate projects like fixing your eyeglasses. Its convenient size (4" x 6") fits in your purse or craft bag. But don't let the size fool you – these tools are ready for anything that you throw at them. And the HOT PINK case makes it easy to find. Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your single girlfriend! www.ladiestoolsonline.com.

You’ve Been Kissed: Bouquet of kiss shaped sugar cookies for the sweetie in your life! He's surprised you before with flowers. This time, it's his turn. Each stem is crafted to look like a red rose, but at the end of each stem he won't find a rose… he'll find a delicious red sugar Kiss cookie. www.cookiepots.com

Shop brands such as Vince, Seven For All Mankind, Twisted Heart, Michael Stars, and much more! Enter Chic15 at checkout for 15% off your next purchase. Visit: meringueboutique.com

llison Dayton Jewelry: Set of 5 Chinese Porcelain Bracelets--only $68 at www.givesimple.com. Get FREE Shipping with Promotional Code: CHICSIMPLE

Some your honey a love letters from the heart… by way of our oven at www.elenis.com.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mom to Be- a day in Bliss!

I had a horrible day and night of contractions - no sleep until 2:30am. I decided that I needed to do something for myself since it's getting really close to having this baby.

So I went and had a pedicure- a deluxe pedicure with parrifan wax, massage- it was heaven.
My house cleaners came and cleaned the house while I was gone.
I splurged on a McDonalds cheese burger- I have GD so I don't get to eat a lot of fun prego foods.
I finished my hubbys to do list before the baby.. and texted him about how he really needs to help out more... he is feeling bad since he left me at home last night for his baseball game till 12:30am while I was having contractions.
My DS is at the babysitters- so I'm home alone
I'm going to try to take a nap and relax for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

35 weeks pregnant and baby has dropped

Here is my 35 week picture- almost done!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Shower pictures

I had my baby shower this weekend. It was wonderful-everything turned out just perfect! We had so much food- I think I will be eatting good for the next few weeks. I got so many clothes- I would bet at least 75-100 outfits... she will never have to wear the same thing twice!







Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our little girl's room

PROGRESS!!!  We have finally painted Georgia's room and hung up the pictures,curtains exc. Now we just have to finish the closet which will have organizers and a changing station.

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