Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls x 4 = Trouble

4 Baby Girl Cousins in 6 mos! These little heart breakers will sure equal trouble in a few years. With all the different personalities... I wonder who will be the ring leader of the bunch ?
We had a wonderful photo shoot with Paige Davis Photography.
Trying to get 4 babies to smile, and pose for pictures was no easy task but Paige was a great photographer. Don't forget to check out her pictures!

Mom x2

Thursday, November 20, 2008

8 mos! 7lbs to almost 17 lbs

7lbs 14oz

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin ads... You should ask a real mom!

Baby Wearing Mom= Happy Mom & Happy Baby!

As a business owner and mom, wearing my baby has become essential to my daily activities. How else could I manage multi tasking my activities.

You can see me doing charity events, working at trade shows, catching a plane all while wearing my baby in her

Do I "babywear" because it's a trend? No
Do I look tired? Sometimes
Do I work hard? Yes
Do I love my kids? Yes
Do I have pain? Yes

Motrin should ask real moms what they think and why they use their products. If I was asked they would have found out why I've used Motrin and let me tell you the last thing on my list would be from pain associated to baby wearin!

To see more visit motrin gives moms a headache

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mom Bloggers Unite for some Free ChicBuds!

Go to ....follow her directions! Hurry ends soon!

Directions below from Jessica Knows website :) She rocks!

ChicBuds in Black/Watermelon
Most of you all, my readers, are moms and if you’re like me, you like to do something a little glamorous every once in a while. Well, have I got something girly and couture for you to win! Yes, indeed. I’ve got two pairs of gorgeous
ChicBuds to give away, but since they each retail at $49, you’re going to have to work for your chance to win. These earphones are rockin’ the Swarovski crystals, putting them at the top of my “most coveted” list.
Each of the following gets you an entry:
Sign up for a Jessica Knows email subscription using the link provided in my side bar.
Have a friend sign up for a Jessica Knows email subscription. (Each friend=1 entry)
Have your
Twitter followers who are not already following me, follow me too and have them @ me lettting me know. (Each new follower=1 entry)
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Once you’re done, please leave a comment here letting me know.
The person with the most entries gets a pair of ChicBuds earphones in one of the color choices below.
I will do a drawing from the remaining entries using (and some people will have several, upping their chances) and that person will win the second pair of ChicBud earphones in of the color choices below.
White/Sour Apple, White/Marshmellow, White/Grape, White/Blueberry
Black/Sour Apple, Black/Watermelon, Black/Marshmellow, Black/Grape, Black/Blueberry
I will close the contest Tuesday, October 28 at 10pm EST and declare a winner by noon on Wednesday, October 29 (if not sooner).
Good Luck!

ChicBuds in White/Sour Apple

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stylin- California Crusin


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons why ' I ' don't STTN

10. Lifetime movies are so much better at 3am :crying3:

9. DH needs more sleep than me :sleep1:

8. DD only wakes up 1 x a night :binkybaby:

7. Staying up all night reminds me of those days when I could party all night long :rockout:

6. Sunday turns to Monday fun day at midnight :neener:

5. Babies need to be checked on every hour :hourglass:

4. Working at 2am Rocks my Socks :ebay:

3. Best way to catch up on MMT ( am I in kindergarten yet? :D

2. God listens to my prayers cause less people are talking to him... :doh: ... Do they pray in China? In that case... he still listens to my prayers...

1. SLEEP is for the WEAK... yep I'm getting stronger by the minute.. I can feel it :stickwhack: ...tick tock tick tock

(HOLA to ALL the non sleepin moms) :shifty:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First foods...all organic


Sunday- Fun day

Dylan plays with his new webkinz animals with his star wars legos

Georgia loves her new necklaces and toys


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why is Ranch bad for a 5 mo old?

Today I found the answer...

View Video HERE

Because it's just to darn early for this stuff!!!

I decided she scares me... today she pulled herself up to standing at the side of the couch... How scary is that...ugggg I have my hands beyond full :shock:

Is anyone dealing with this? Baby proofing the house already?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What can we say but we love

Georgia hates her carseat and has grown out of it so I have to start using Grocery carts- EWWW YUCK! .

I'm struggling to find a cute cart cover that is unique. Then I thought why not try the zoobie blanket.
Needless to say it's my favorite "cart cover"! Although , I'm sure zoobies didn't intend the blanket for the purpose it sure works well - keeping my kid clean and entertaining her at the same time. SCORE!!!