Thursday, June 12, 2008

Start Her Early - Baby high heels by

 "Mom... These are for me?"

 "Yippeee- my first high heels"

You look fabulous baby! Completely soft and functional, these crib shoes designed to look like high heels transcend the typical and predictable layette gift! Available in six fashion forward styles, each pair of heelarious heels is packaged in a darling, purse-shaped gift box complete with a rhinestone closure. Size 0-6 months only. Not intended for walking, intended to create a heelarious experience.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


With all the Breastfeeding talk I thought I would share with you a wonderful product called What a great idea!!

Looking for the perfect baby shower/new mom gift or simply looking to comfort a friend?
Look no further, Blossumz warm/cool breast therapy packs make the perfect gift to comfort a friend or pamper your self. Women who are breastfeeding or recovering from breast surgery commonly experience breast swelling and pain. Unlike homemade hot/cold packs, Blossumz are a comfortable and effective way to treat sore and swollen breasts. Women no longer have to settle for a frozen bag of peas, frozen cabbage leaves or uncomfortable bags of ice cubes. No more inconvenient hot showers and messy warm wash clothes. The perfect way to show a friend you care or to take care of yourself~soothing, calming, comfortable~Blossumz are a women's breast friend!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Breasts .....

Yes I said Breasts.....

Breasts and Breast Feeding in Public.

When my three year old asked why the baby was breast feeding. I explained to him that's how babies were fed. He looked concerned and said "she's not sucking my boob!"

I fully support those moms that chose to breast feed. It's an amazing thing that we can do for our babies as women and I thought most people in this day and age agreed.
Only in a society where breasts are so sexualized that the sight of a woman feeding her child would be deemed inappropriate. When we feel it's ok to idealize the woman on the red carpet showing more cleavage than any mom I've ever seen feeding her child- Gimme' a break!

When is society going to GROW UP!

This being said I'm not a public breast feeding mama.. Oh I wish could be! I've practiced and mapped it out in my head how I would feed my child no matter where we were as to comfort/nourish her. It never worked out the way I planned and I would regress to a dressing room, car or back room. I honestly think it's my own sense of insecurity... so those moms that can, I root for you!

Go MOM Go!

I often frequent a baby board where we chat about our new little ones and was appalled to read a post of a fellow March Mommy! This outraged me and let me tell you that if someone tried to put anything over my babies head- oohhh watch out - don't mess with a new mom!

I read all of the responses to the posting and this really outraged me- all of which were mostly breast feeding mamas too! Some were overly concerned that the babies head was not covered by a blanket or what if their 13 yr old son saw or how could they finish a meal with a mom feeding her child.

Are you kidding me?

If you don't agree with the feeding of the baby in public- don't look, explain it to your child and move on BUT please DON'T ever try to COVER or touch another person's baby- EVER!!
*step back mama bear bites**

To read more visit : Waitress puts napkin over breastfeeding babies head

What do the DADS think?- VISIT DADLOUNGE

PS: This woman's state has laws that protect her right to feed her child in public no matter what your view on the subject is :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

What Did the Pink Hippo Say?

What Did the Pink Hippo Say? It sure sounds like a lot if you ask me!

Georgia had a conversation with a Pink Hippo today!

She went on and on talking to her pink Hippo from for atleast 30 mins today... it was so cute to witness!

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Great idea!