Monday, November 5, 2007

Great Idea and Service-

This is such a great idea!

This site had me thinking and made me a bit sad to think that that when we get married we automatically expect that we will hire a wedding coordinator to prepare for that one days event- your wedding day.

For the birth of our child- we never think to do anything like that and we are preparing for a BIG event- the birth of our child.

I found this site- and thought it was an amazing idea and service!

Is this something that you would use in preparing for the baby? Why or Why Not.

Here is on the bio:

As their Baby Coordinator, Roselle Andrea provides expectant parents with an all-inclusive baby preparation service. Our services range from designing baby's nursery; organizing the dresser, armoire and wardrobe; personalizing a trousseau, jewelry, stationary and silverware; tailer making layettes, christening robes and bath accessories; customizing baby's stationery and correspondence; assistance preparation for the hospital and registering for the shower; and planning baby soirees. Expectant parents receive the added benefit of privacy, comfort & convenience as we consult with them at home, work or electronically. at


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