Thursday, May 29, 2008


 So admit it... we all have our addictions.
I'm addicted to MAC make-up, Fashion Magazines, iTunes and pedicures.

I realized today that my Georgia was addicted to her bottle...not any bottle but one funny bottle in particular. She cuddles the long tube caressing it as she sucks. It's so cute but oh so weird at the same time!


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cyndi said...

Oh we are so the same you have no idea. You would die if you saw how much MAC make-up I have Even things I would never where. It is ridiculous I was even doing wedding parties for a while. Well when I go to Utah I still do sometimes.

I love Pedi's but I don't just get the pedi. I get the leg leg scrub, the wrap and the massage. The best is right after the gym and getting your legs massaged. Oh I am craving it. I think I need to go tomorrow :)