Monday, September 8, 2008

Top Ten Reasons why ' I ' don't STTN

10. Lifetime movies are so much better at 3am :crying3:

9. DH needs more sleep than me :sleep1:

8. DD only wakes up 1 x a night :binkybaby:

7. Staying up all night reminds me of those days when I could party all night long :rockout:

6. Sunday turns to Monday fun day at midnight :neener:

5. Babies need to be checked on every hour :hourglass:

4. Working at 2am Rocks my Socks :ebay:

3. Best way to catch up on MMT ( am I in kindergarten yet? :D

2. God listens to my prayers cause less people are talking to him... :doh: ... Do they pray in China? In that case... he still listens to my prayers...

1. SLEEP is for the WEAK... yep I'm getting stronger by the minute.. I can feel it :stickwhack: ...tick tock tick tock

(HOLA to ALL the non sleepin moms) :shifty: