Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin ads... You should ask a real mom!

Baby Wearing Mom= Happy Mom & Happy Baby!

As a business owner and mom, wearing my baby has become essential to my daily activities. How else could I manage multi tasking my activities.

You can see me doing charity events, working at trade shows, catching a plane all while wearing my baby in her

Do I "babywear" because it's a trend? No
Do I look tired? Sometimes
Do I work hard? Yes
Do I love my kids? Yes
Do I have pain? Yes

Motrin should ask real moms what they think and why they use their products. If I was asked they would have found out why I've used Motrin and let me tell you the last thing on my list would be from pain associated to baby wearin!

To see more visit motrin gives moms a headache

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