Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome Georgia Jewel

I was so excited to finally have my c-section and meet our little girl.

I was scheduled to have the c-section in the main operating room because of my pregnancy complications including my uterus being attached to my abdominal wall. It was an exciting event for the entire hospital staff since they rarely see babies born down in the main operating room.
I was extremely nauseated during the first half of the procedure and could hear the doctors talking about my adhesions while trying to get to the baby. This took an extra 30 mins of careful maneuvers before they finally reached our beautiful little girl. I will keep the gory details to a minimum but they were able to fix my adhesions- Yippeee I can finally have a life again!
The c-section took about an hour and daddy went off with baby Georgia to the NICU and i stayed in the main OR for about 2 hours to recover. Although Georgia was perfectly healthy she had to go to the NICU because they didn't have all the baby monitoring in the main operating rooms.

Georgia Jewel weighed 7 lbs 14 oz! 19 1/5 inches long
Georgia & Mom

Georgia, 7lbs 14oz., 19.5", March 18th, 11:52AM
Georgia & DadGeorgia 2

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