Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I just can't wait any longer!!! Boy or Girl.....

Pink or Blue?

I can't wait until my next doctors apt to find out so we decided to go to a great 3D/4D ultrasound elective place.
I thought that I could possibly wait to find out but the thought of having to wait a couple of more weeks was driving me nuts.

With my first pregnancy I went to a similar place to find out his sex at 16 weeks pregnant. I had a beautiful experience as it was very nice to have someone that was so energetic and excited about finding out the sex of our baby.

So we went to an elective ultrasound place called www.babys1photos.com which is located in Riverside California. It was a wonderful experience at relaxing and beautifully decorated salon. I loved that this place catered to having the elective ultrasounds as well as photography of your pregnancy belly or after you deliver your newborn baby. What a great idea!

So I met with the VERY sweet Danielle who was our ultrasound tech. She escorted us into this large room with a huge 20" viewing screen for family members. It was so nice to see the baby on the BIG screen-just like the movies :) My three year old son picked up on the excitement and was running around the room in excitement and joy! Danielle had me lay down and started the ultrasound- she quickly explained that she saw "it" meaning the sex of the baby. She then stated that she wanted a better picture to give us a good look at the gender when she told us the sex. I immediately thought- I bet it's a boy cause she found "it". She then got the baby to move a bit which had me tense in anticipation of what this baby was going to be- BOY or GIRL. She then wrote Congratulations you are having a GIRL. I was shocked, I thought for sure she was going to say it was a boy. I felt like I won the lottery- Yippee!!! I am so excited to be able to welcome a little girl into our family.

Here SHE is .....

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