Monday, October 15, 2007

This Baby Will Keep Us Guessing ?!?!

So today my best friend Sarah took me to my Doctors visit since my husband Richard is off working in Utah with my family. I am not really supposed to drive very far because of my pain and cramping-uggg! It was a good thing since after the hour long drive to the hospital I was having horrible cramps. My blood pressure by the time the doctor saw me was 145/110-kinda scary! They had me lie down on my side and thank goodness it went down otherwise I would have ended my self up with a one way ticket to resting in the hospital.
I was hoping to find out the sex of the baby but I guess we will just have to wait till this baby is ready to show us.The baby was curled up and feet down and definately not going to show it's sex to us yet. Everyone is thinking it's a girl but I'm not to sure since I thought Dylan was going to be a girl. Either way this baby is a huge blessing and I'm just happy to know that I was able to have another baby when I never thought I would -having my endometrosis problems and them my adhesions issues with my uterus being attached to my abdominal wall.
This is a Blessing!

Kailynn :)

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