Monday, May 14, 2007

Telling the parents

Micah's parents live literally less than 3 minutes away. It was so hard NOT to tell them during the first few weeks of pregnancy, but we really wanted to wait and tell them in a special way. So, 2 weeks after we learned of our pregnancy, we planned on special ways to tell our parents.

With mine, it was more difficult as they live in Colorado. So, we bought bibs that said, "I love Grandpa" and "If mommy says no, ask Grandma". We took text pictures of them and sent them over the phone. My mom and dad were both thrilled. Dad said he was golfing and after receiving his text, he golfed the best game he ever had! =)It was fun because moments after sending the texts to them, we went over to Micah's parents house to tell them.

We had acted as if we were bringing lunch over after church. They were super excited that we were doing that, and had NO idea anything was up. So, we arrived with Sparkling Apple Cider, Baby Bibs and various kinds of baby food. =) We started passing out the baby food and everyone was confused except for Micah's mom. She said, "oh my, are you saying what i think you're saying?" we were quiet and smiled, waiting for his dad and sister to catch on. They finally did after we exploded with, "we're pregnant!" More tears and smiles were all around. It was a special moment. And after we celebrated with a Sparkling Cider toast, we went out to lunch.

All in all, I think the day went well. Both sets of grandparents were so happy and excited. This is the first grandbaby on both sides... very exciting for everyone!


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