Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We cheated!

Monday, May 14, 2007
We cheated!

So, one of my sister's friends is actually pregnant right now as well! She and I oddly enough have the same due-week. I am due on Sept. 23, while she is due Sept. 30th. It's very fun seeing her go through the same things I am. And it's funny, cause she has gotten to do all the fun stuff before me, and i'm due before her! =) For example, she already knows the sex of her baby and we are only 14 weeks along! She is having a boy and i'm so jealous that she knows!!!!

So, I convinced Micah to go with me to a place in Costa Mesa that specializes in Baby Ultra Sounds. It is $25 to find out the sex of your baby, plus an additional $5 to get pictures and a dvd of the ultra sound. So.... I called and they had an appointment at 4pm. =) Yay! They said on the phone that they can't guarantee the sex of the child until after 20 weeks, but that they normally can tell around 12-14 weeks. Weird, I know. Especially because the Dr. told me that you can't get a clear picture until week 20. But...nonetheless, we were so excited and wanted to go anyway!

My sister, Anna, came over and the three of us went together. I was so excited all the way there that I couldn't stop talking. I was probably driving everyone in the car crazy. But I think Micah and Anna were just as excited as I was. =) We arrived and had to wait. It was the worst waiting period EVER cause i was so anxious to see the baby on the monitor screen.

Once it was my turn, I couldn't believe my eyes. I loved seeing my baby on the screen. The tiny body, arms, legs...the little heart beating so perfectly! It was so emotional and so fun! I was fine with NOT knowing the sex, just because i loved getting to see the baby move on screen. But before long the lady announced, "and there is his unit. you are having a boy."

WAIT...WHAT? ARE YOU SURE? OH MY GOSH, I AM SO EXCITED! all sorts of thoughts were running through my head. Micah and I didn't care either way what we were having. But it was still kind of a shock to hear the sex. Obviously you know it's one or the other, but you are so anxious to hear what your baby is, that either sex would have shocked me! =) We were thrilled. It was a very special moment and I was so happy to have cheated the normal "20 week" rule. =) we felt naughty that we did that, but it was soooo worth it! but, what if the lady was wrong? and what if it really IS too early to tell? I guess we'll know for sure in 6 more weeks. =)


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