Monday, August 27, 2007

ava and the rocking chair

my dog, ava, is such the baby of this house right now. it's really sweet. she's so cute. and she is hamming up being the "only child" right now. she's sensing the baby is on his way very shortly! =) anyway, she has become obsessed with the rocking chair in deige's room. its really cute, i think. we'll look for her throughout the house, and find her in the rocking chair asleep. and anytime i'm in his room sitting in the chair, she comes and finds me and jumps in my arms. i've been practicing my baby skills with ava. i try rocking her to sleep like a baby and it works! =) she falls asleep so quickly in that chair. i hope deige falls asleep that quickly too =) we'll see. anyway...we're all getting really excited to meet the little guy. even ava is excited =) i would LOVE to have this child early. my body is so tired! but all i really hope for is a safe and healthy delivery. we'll keep you posted....


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