Saturday, August 18, 2007

packing for the hospital! =)

tonight i put everything in a small suitcase for the hospital =) it was fun. i had been collecting things to put in the bag, but tonight i actually put it all together =) we packed nursing gowns, pretty panties, huge ugly panties too =), toiletries, breastfeeding stuff, stuff for deige. stuff for micah. stuff for me to feel pretty again after birth. like, hair stuff, pretty smelling soap, shampoo, and a pretty going home outfit. i said from the beginning of pregnancy that i wanted to wear a cute dress home from the hospital...well, i haven't found it yet. but i'm on my way out to get it tonight =) stay is on his way! any day now! =)


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alienlover said...

this is all so beautiful.. it must have been lovely to have this baby inside of you, and keep it there safe and sound until it's time to get out. But the time is close, and you look grateful, and this is how a mum-to-be-soon should feel. Even though i'm not a mum yet, i believe the way you feel about your baby is just amazing. :)
I hope your baby to be born safely and i wish both of you and your husband to be healthy and enjoy the advantages of parenting a new life.. the hope :)