Tuesday, August 14, 2007

getting ready!!!

So I finally feel like we're getting ready for the babe to come =) my mom, micah's mom and my sisters and his sister threw a beautiful shower for us on sunday! it was so much fun because it was such an eclectic group of people. friends, family, neighbors...everyone! it was so nice. when i get pictures, i'll post one for sure. =) anyway, our registries were cleaned out! which was really nice. we were even able to get the big items with gift cards. so, our last big items we needed are now bought and waiting to be assembled in the garage =)

all day yesterday was our day to get everything we were given at the shower, and wash and put it all away in the appropriate place in the nursery. it was a tiring day for me, cause i get so tired easily...but it was so fun at the same time! and it's super fun washing all of his little things because Dreft smells SOOOOO good! =)

I was also able to run a few errands for me yesterday. I'm starting to get my hospital bag ready. i have 2 really cute nighties for the hospital. and yesterday i bought some sassy panties =) i was told that the panties in the hospital are disgusting, so i bought some cute full coverage panties to bring with me. =) i don't really know what else to bring...but i think the dr is giving me a packing list today when i go in for a visit =)

anyway, we're all getting ready around here! it's fun! Thanks to everyone for a beautiful shower...you spoiled us rotten! we really had a great time and appreciate all your love and generosity! thanks especially to our families who put the party on! we love you!


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