Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Too many tears...

all i do lately is cry. it's annoying. i'm the most emotional i've been this entire pregnancy. i'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that i'm entering into my 9th and final month. so...hormones are getting the best of me. plus, i just feel HUGE. i know i'm not huge, i'm just feeling that way because i'm normally so little. i've gained a total of 22 pounds now. i have a little over 4 weeks left. so, now is the time i'll probably gain even more weight. it's fine by me, it's just uncomfortable when it comes to wearing clothes. nothing fits. i live in my bra and panties when i'm home. and at work i wear the same few dresses over and over again. i was wearing a size 4 up until this point. now, none of my pants fit. and i refuse to buy any since i have one month left of pregnancy. anyway, size aside...i'm just feeling icky. i'm ready to have this baby. being pregnant has been so much fun. but i definitely feel ready now. my body is tired. and my emotions are spent. poor micah. he's so patient with me. everyone is...i was getting my hair cut today at the salon and i couldn't hold the tears back. i looked in the mirror and just lost it. it was embarrassing. but all the girls are so sweet and they just let me cry without reservation. anyway, please pray for me as i finish this last month.


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