Tuesday, August 21, 2007

eee! contractions begin!!!

yes, contractions have begun...it's painful, but not unbearable. it feels like a truly awful menstral cycle. =( so, not fun, but not awful. anyway, the dr. measured my belly, we're right on track! she thinks he's around 15" right now, and a little over 5 pounds. he should gain 1/2 a pound a week from now until delivery. which could be any day between now and september 16th. i have a feeling he will come early. we'll see if i'm right or wrong. micah thinks, for some reason, that he'll come on the 10th of september. he's been saying that...for a while...how weird and cool would it be if he was right? very weird! anyway, we've been walking at night. last night, around the neighborhood. tonight, the dog beach w ava. =) and oddly, the contractions feel better when i'm moving. so the walking helps a lot when i'm having a contraction. i know it's nothing compared to real labor. but, maybe i'll trooper through real labor like i am with these pre-labor contractions. you never know. i'm actually getting really REALLY nervous about birth. please pray for my anxiety to go away. i know that everything will be okay. women have babies every day and do just fine! =) well, we will keep you all posted!


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