Tuesday, September 4, 2007

12 days til due date

so we're 12 days til our due date and i'm overly ready to have this baby! i don't mean it selfishly, but i'm ready to have him so i can have my own body back. it's tiring carrying a little one all these months. i'm not sleeping any more either. plus, still trying to work until this saturday has made it really tiring! the good thing is that he's healthy, he's active, he's safe. i'm going to the dr this morning for a check up. i've been having contractions every night...which makes for sleepless and stressful nights. she's going to check everything out and make sure we're still doing well! =) i would love it if she said, "oh, you have to go to the hospital right now and have this baby"...haha, i know she won't. but, i would love it if that happened. we're soooo sooo anxious to meet little deige face to face. i can't wait to see what the little man looks like =)

oh, remind me to tell you all what i got for micah at the hospital. i bought him a secret surprise to help him celebrate when his little one is born. =) going to the dr. will tell more later.


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