Tuesday, September 4, 2007

dr visit and cute site: www.happyhealthybaby.com!

so the dr visit went well. i love love my dr. she's amazing. i told micah that i'll be super sad if she isn't the one to deliver deige. there is always that chance that she won't be able to. like, she doesn't work on weds. and she doesn't do weekends. she said there is an on call dr for weekends. bummer! i LOVE her. so, let's hope this baby comes on like a thursday or monday. =)

anyway, she guessed today that he weighs around 6 pounds. she felt my tummy and said, "he's a small little fella". =) music to my ears! =)

anyway, i am 60 percent effaced. she said that doesn't mean anything other than my cervix is softening. she said it can mean i'll go into labor within the next 2-4 weeks. sometimes sooner. she said it's really just a guessing game at this point. each body is different. each pregnancy is different. and first times moms are ALWAYS hard to predict as far as labor goes.

I love the site: www.happyhealthybaby.com!They carry all kinds of great healthy, organic products for pregnancy, baby and toddlers. Check out the fun organic lines as well as the awesome ergo carrier! Such cute stuff.

i am doing everything i can to induce labor on my own. i know some people may frown upon this, but that's okay. i'm not doing anything dangerous. =) i told the dr that i was trying everything and she said, "go for it, but i'm telling you...nothing really works." =( oh well...it's worth a try. and it keeps my mind occupied. it's kinda fun coming up with new remedies. today we walked and i had a really bad contraction. too bad there wasn't another one that followed. =) i've tried rasberries, spicy food, baths, ice cream, EVERYTHING! a lot of people say nipple stimulation works. but that creeps me out. i guess you're supposed to put a warm towel over your breasts for 5 minutes and wait 15 min to see if anything happens. if it doesn't, you can massage them for 5 minutes and wait another 15 to see if labor starts. this sounds so weird to me. i'm not sure i'll try it. but you never know how desperate i'll become...i really REALLY want this baby to come soon! my body is so exhausted. and i can't wait to meet him! =) anyway, that's all for now. if any of you know more remedies, send them my way! =)


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