Friday, September 28, 2007

mamas and munchkins diaper bag

okay, so today the mail man came and i was so excited! a) because i got the door BEFORE the dog barked. so the baby didn't wake up. =) and b) because he brought me the best gift in the world! =) sent me the most beautiful leather brown diaper bag and i'm obsessed with it! it's super stylish and sassy. i'll feel cute in public with a bag like that. it's not at all cheezy like a lot of diaper bags are. so...for any of you looking for a great bag...check this site out! their products are top of the line! i also enjoy their post its for babysitters. they give information numbers and stuff like that on them. super cute. and super useful. it may take me a while to let a babysitter watch my little one. but when i'm ready, the post its will definitely come in handy! anyway, thank you so so so so much, mamas and munchkins! i love the beautiful diaper bag! it's perfect!


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