Monday, September 24, 2007

dietary cuts....bummer!

big bummer for mommy, good thing for deigey! little man's tummy is ultra sensitive and i've had to cut nearly everything out of my diet. i cut out dairy, turkey, caffeine, sweets, everything! i was basically eating plain chicken and a few veggies here and there. drinking TONS of water! =) but, anyway, i've slowly added things to figure out what he's sensitive to. i think i've narrowed it down. he is sensitive to apple juice, caffeine, (which, duh, i shouldn't have that anyway...although i feel like it's my saving grace after a long night), turkey, and dairy. little man didn't like turkey when i was pregnant, and he still doesn't like it now. =) how funny. his tummy is ultra sensi. it's fun learning him. i have fun learning new things about him every day. he's so sweet. his personality is super sweet. he loves to cuddle and be close. he's learned what kisses are. and he'll put is face on my lips when i'm holding him if he wants more kisses. super sweet. i love it. and sometimes he'll even smile when i kiss his face off! =) micah shaved his facial hair today for deige's sake. i think he'll like his daddy's soft skin better than the pokey hair. =) i like micah with a shaved face too. i think it makes him look so handsome. anyway, today we gave him his first bath. we couldn't give him a real bath before now because of the belly button healing and also his circumcision. everything is healed now, so we took a bath! yay! it was so fun! micah and i video taped it and took pictures. so fun. he's so funny cause he screamed bloody murder during the bath, but smiled so big when we took him out. he felt so yummy and clean. he loved lounging in his robe and he loved having me massage lotion into his little skin. he smells so pretty! and now that his hair is washed, it looks even more blonde! it's fun to see his features changing before our very eyes. he looks different every day. so fun. baby is the love of our lives. we are so blessed.


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