Monday, September 24, 2007

getting it down...

we're starting to get it down...this whole parenting thing. =) we're learning to get into more of a routine. we're learning deige and he is learning us. it's fun. but really tiring. we took deige to see my dear friend rachael yesterday. her parents were thrilled to see him as well. and it got me out of the house for a few hours. micah and i really had fun over there. good friends are hard to come by. it was nice cause they didn't make me feel pressured at all to bring him over, or to see him. even though rachael was only in town for a few days. they are just genuinely good fun people to be around and i felt comfortable bringing my 2 week old baby over to see them. i'm still being protective mommy, though, when it comes to people coming over to our home. i'm still ultra protective around kids especially. he hasn't had any vaccinations yet and the dr. advised me to limit visitors and especially kid visitors. she said that it's especially important because it's back to school time and kids are full of germs and the flu virus is potentially fatal to a little 2 week boy. so, she said any one who comes around him needs to have the flu vaccine. i'm all about that. i get it every year any way.

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