Friday, September 28, 2007

the dirty flu

so...on tues morning, around 3am, micah and i woke up super sick to our tummies. not fun. at 1st we thought it was just food poisoning. but then the throw ups and the aches and pains came along. it was really hard to handle while taking care of deige. i took deige to the dr that morning cuz i was paranoid he would get sick. and paranoid that my milk wouldnt be the best since i couldnt eat or drink. but, she assured me that deige would be fine cuz he gets all of my antibodies from my milk. she said, "not to be mean, but you dont matter any more to mother nature. all of your nutrients and antibodies go to deige. especially when youre sick." she said that because of that, it may take me longer to get better. which, was true. by 3pm, micah was feeling much better. and i was still throwing up everything. including water. i was so dehydrated. it was so hard to nurse when my body was running on empty. 7pm rolled around and i lost it. i thought i was going to lose my mind. literally felt like i was having a nervous breakdown. i was nursing and sick to my tummy and keeping nothing in my body. my milk was getting thicker and deige wasn't satisfied. so i constantly had him on my breast. poor guy. it broke my heart. 730 came and i called micah's mom. she took me to the er. we waited there from 8-1130. when we got there, we were one of 2 people in the er. by the time 1130 rolled around, we were in a packed waiting room. everyone kept getting seen before me because their emergencies were worse than mine. although, at the time, i didn't agree that was the case. but it was. there were people in there with chest pains, open wounds, everything. i thought mine was a bigger emergency only because i was trying to feed another human being with my run down body. deige nursed once in the er and fell asleep. thank God. he slept the whole time. by 1130 i was so tired of waiting my turn. already miserable, i decided to just be miserable at home. so karen took us home. micah, karen, deige and i snuggled up in the living room for a lot of the night. we all had blankets and water and watched LA Ink. water finally stayed down. i think the last time i threw up was around midnight. it was a long haul. from 3am to my body is still recovering. micah's is too. and deige is happy to have his milk back to normal.

i think the neatest thing through all of this is that Deige was protected from my sickness by drinking milk from my body. it's neat that i can protect him even when i'm not protected myself. i love the bond between mother and baby. we are so dependent on eachother, it's crazy. my body made his body. him nursing me, helped heal my body. and him nursing allows me to keep his body healthy. really neat how that works out. anyway, i'm rambling. so, the flu sucked. make sure you all get flu shots this year! its worth it!

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Wichita Falls Doula said...

Love your blog, but got to disagree with the flu shots! I just learned how harmful they are and urge anyone to check them out. They also include cells from aborted fetuses. Very sad.