Saturday, September 8, 2007

love it, but i'm over it...

i feel like it's been forever since we were first pregnant. looking back, i've enjoyed every stage of this pregnancy. being sick was really hard. but it was so neat to see how my body changed and reacted to housing another human being. i have grown so close to little deige. i'm sure every mommy feels that way while they are prego. it's a very special time because it's just me and the baby all the time. i don't have to share him with anyone if i don't want to. i can keep it my little secret when i feel him moving around. he knows my every move and i know his. it's very neat. i love him so much and can't wait to share him with family and friends. this journey has been fun, but i'm ready for the pregnancy journey to end...and the parenting journey to begin. i'm at the most uncomfortable stage EVER in pregnancy. i said today that i would way rather experience the first few months of morning sickness all over again in exchange for the discomfort i know face. my body is tired and my belly is like a rock. it is constantly in my way and because it's so giant and hard, i can barely bend over any more. =( i feel like a loser. micah and anna have been doing everything for me. thank heaven i have a wonderful hubby and a sensational baby sister to help me out. anyway, stay tuned cause i feel like this baby is going to just pop out of me any day. let's hope that's how it happens...really fast and easy =) my contractions have worsened. but they are still irregular with timing. sometimes i will have a contraction every 5 min for an hour. and then the next hour i'll only have 2. it's odd. i'm going to be so excited for the day they come and don't stop coming every 5 min or so...i'm really excited for the next part of this journey. will do my best to keep all of you posted.


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Anonymous said...

Before you know it all of the discomfort will be over. It's amazing how this happens and then we're laying in our post partum recovery bed and just staring at our baby realizing every new emotion, physical change with our body and being amazed with this little person you helped (well did most of the work) bring into this world. He will soon be here and then your new journey will begin in motherhood. Then the next little one will be on his or her way :-)
I wish you the best of luck with your labor. It sounds like your body has started all of the work and I only hope that it is a fast and as painfree as can be labor. You're in my thoughts.
Take care,
Mommy's Little Monkey