Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ChicBlvd.com gives 20% off any order at Kangaroodle.com!

Enjoy 20% off any order at Kangaroodle.com!

If you’re looking for some fun, functional & fabulous things for baby, check out Kangaroodle.com! Moms can’t get enough of the cool baby products they have to offer…they’re functional for baby yet don’t sacrifice mom’s sense of style.

Every mom needs a Kangaroodle Shopping Cart Cover to protect baby from those yucky cart germs. Unlike others, theirs are designed in cool hip fabrics that mom will love. And they’re comfy for baby and have all the bells and whistles that will keep him safe and entertained.

Another mom must-have is the Self-Closing Pacifier. These actually close instantly when they’re dropped on the floor, so they stay clean! They come in a variety of character designs to choose from. There’s something for mom, too, at Kangaroodle--Mommy Business Cards & cute Wristlet Bags just to name a couple.

Enter coupon code chicblvd just before checkout to get 20% off any order at Kangaroodle.com!

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