Monday, July 23, 2007

deige's family tree

So, i recently joined let me tell's the most fun i've had in a long time! such a great project! it has kept me so busy and occupied. and it's really been a fun way to bring the family together. my grandparents on my dad's side have given me a lot of pictures of the family. and so have my parents. i still need to get photos from micah's family. although, we did get a ton of great ones from his grandma. her family is from mexico, so it's super neat to see those photos. his mom's side is from italy so those pictures will be fun to add as well. what we've done is taken the original photos to walgreens. there, they make prints that match and literally they look ALMOST original. =) without the wear and tear. =) but, it's so much fun. i encourage all of you to do this project at some point. it's so neat. i have my mom's family dated back to the 1500's. so, it's a really neat thing to have. and i plan on making scrap books full of the family tree info and pictures. i already started the one i'm giving my parents. i still have so much work to do. trying to get it done, though, before deige comes! =) i know i'll have no time to do it after he arrives. and i really want these finished by christmas time. anyway, thought i'd share this project with you all. it's so great...seriously, try it!


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