Saturday, July 21, 2007

why so itchy?

So the last few days i've been super itchy and i can't figure out why! it started in the middle of the hands were burning and itching so badly that i couldn't go back to sleep. i tried to soothe them with lotions and cold water. but nothing helped. then i started itching everywhere! my armpits, my legs, my toes, my elbows...literally everywhere. but the weird part is that there was no rash! it looked like normal skin. i went to see the dr after the 2nd day of itching. to my dismay, the dr couldn't see me because she was called into delivery. so they sent me to urgent care. the dr there didn't have a clue what to do for me. he said that his best guess is that it's pregnancy related. i totally disagree. and only because this isn't the first time i've been this itchy. i remember last year being really itchy and the dermatologist didn't know why. eventually it passed. but it was miserable in the mean time. so, the urgent care dr told me to take benadryl and he gave me a topical cream to use as well. its better. but not gone. and i feel SO bad for deige cause i'm taking benadryl every 4-6 hours just to stay sane! but i hate taking medicine because i know he's taking medicine whenever i do! =( it makes me feel like a bad mommy. he's so helpless in there. and here i am itching to death and basically eating benadryl tablets. i hope this passes soon! and if anyone has ideas or suggestions as to what this could be...i would love to hear from you! i will keep you posted as to how all of this plays out! =) have a pretty weekend!


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