Monday, July 23, 2007

not online afterall

so, i guess they aren't putting the contest online afterall. we're bummed. it's a huge contest and for some odd reason they aren't web casting it! so strange! but you can check out micah's scores and stuff like that if you google the usopen. it will show how the contest is going and you can kind of follow him that way. he left right now to go down to the pier. it's only 930am. he's going to watch the contest for a while. just to get a feel for how things are going. and then surf for a while before he competes. it's kind of a weird day today. all cloudy and breezy outside. the news said we should expect rain. very weird. i'm excited about today, though, because the salon is throwing me a baby shower! =) it's at 4pm, and i just can't wait! it should be really fun. the group of girls that i work with are all super fun and sweet. i genuinely love them all. i will take pictures and write all about it tomorrow. =)


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