Tuesday, July 24, 2007

salon baby shower

last night was the baby shower that my salon threw for me =) it was so much fun! the girls i work with are so wonderful! it is such a wonderful gift to work with people that you genuinely love and care for. all of them. there isn't a single person there that i don't love with all my heart. they are so sweet and kind. i'm so thankful for them. =) it was a really fun shower. we didn't play games, cause i don't like games =) so they did a diaper raffle instead =) i have so many diapers now...it's great! they spoiled me rotten! i was literally SHOWERED with gifts for my son. so sweet and generous. we are blessed. it was so nice. they had my favorite flower displayed everywhere...gerber daisies. and even the cake had daisies on it =) the cake tasted like a perfect brownie! oh my! so good! they had my favorite pizza there, mushroom lasagna, and macaroni and cheese =) and a yummy salad with strawberries in it! literally to die for! they made a baby shower into a baby party! =) micah came at the end of the shower to hang out and help me load up the car with all the gifts. it was fun to have him there. we stayed til after 1030. that's a late night for me! i'm usually in bed or at least ready for bed by 830 or 9 =) so, anyway, it was a blast. i'll post pictures as soon as i get them =)


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