Sunday, July 15, 2007

Deige's Auntie turns 20!!!

Deige's auntie, anna, turned 20 this week. =) it was a really fun birthday. my two sisters and i flew home to colorado for a week. it's been really fun, but really busy! we drove to the mountains on saturday night and spent the evening in breckenridge. it was nice to smell the fresh mountain air. =) although, it's a lot more tiring for me out here. i think it's the higher altitude. anyway, we just got home and i only have two more days here. i leave on tues. it was fun being here with the sisters because it's the first time we've been together as a family like this in a long time. aimee and i even slept in bunk beds like we used to when we were younger. =) i will make sure to write some more when i get home to california on tuesday. hope everyone is having a pretty week! ps, does anyone know a good brand of nursing gowns for the hospital? i'm in the market for one. so keep me posted if you do! =)


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