Monday, July 23, 2007

preggie pops save the day again!

so, i know i talk a lot about preggie pops, but....they are amazing!!! i recently gave some to a girl at work who has a pregnant sister. her sister is super sick with all the morning woos that go along with pregnancy. she said the preggie pops saved her! they are literally so amazing cause they work instantly. and they don't taste nasty...even if they did, i'd eat them just because they work! but, they DO taste really good. and they DO work. so, double plus!! =) i'm also going to send some to my newly pregnant cousin in virginia. =) i'm sure she will love them as well. and, for those of you who aren't pregnant, they have products for non prego girls. like stuff for motion sickness, or just nausea in general. check them out. and always remember what a great gift they make for any mom to be that you know! =)


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