Sunday, July 22, 2007


so this weekend was the start of the us open. it's the biggest surf event of the year. micah is really excited about it. he didn't have to do the trials, cause he had enough points from previous contests to start AFTER trials. so, he first surfs on monday. around 1245pm. you can watch him online. it's really fun. today he's at the pier signing autographs. its so cute to watch him sign autographs for all the little kids that look up to him. being a pro surfer is a big responsibility because they typically have a "lazy and ignorant" reputation. a lot of surfers have the "party" reputation as well. i lucked out with micah. he's such a great guy. micah is a strong christian. he loves his family, loves his friends, and loves his job. micah is so smart and has really made a name for himself in this industry. i know deige already knows how great his daddy is. i can't wait to watch micah and deige grow together as father and son. 8 more weeks and the little guy will be here! =) so fun! anyway, make sure you all watch micah surf online. hope your weekend is extra pretty! will write more later...


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