Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colorado Shower

My best friend, Molly, wanted to throw me a baby shower for my colorado friends and family. I have known molly since we were in middle school. she's so sweet and such a genuine friend and person. i'm lucky and blessed to call her my best friend. and even more blessed to call her my son's godmother. =) She did a beautiful job with the shower. She had 24 people there that i haven't seen in YEARS! it was so much fun! She had tables set up in her living room for an early afternoon brunch. =) blue and brown linens and the cutest pacifier napkin holders. so cute! she had a place card with each guest's name on it. and it was just so special. beautiful roses on each table...just so fun! she served a sausage and egg dish and an egg and cheese souffle. She had frozen berry cups and chocolate cupcakes!! and these things called duffy rolls. =) they are mini cinnamon rolls from a place called duffy's =) so good! if any of you go to colorado, stop by duffy's and try them! okay...back on, we ate and played games. the guests each decorated a bib and onesie for my little one. and we took pictures with every guest. that was special too. i'm excited to get the pictures back so i can put them in the photo album i'm making. =) the shower was a shower!!! i was completely covered in gifts! it was so fun! just like christmas! He got a mattress, a swing, lots of clothes and blankets and a monitor! =) i came home with 2 suitcases full of stuff. and still had to leave 2 boxes and a bag of baby stuff at my parent's house! i plan on going to colorado again before the baby comes, so i will get the rest of it then. =-) it was just so fun to get all that stuff for him. Micah and i were overwhelmed with how much stuff we needed in order to provide for this child, and the shower totally helped us with all our worries and anxiety. We are so blessed to have good friends and family who showered us with love and generosity. it was such a great party! molly should go into party-coordinating! =) anyway, it was a special day. with special people. and i couldn't have been more touched! molly, thanks so much! i love you!


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