Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Micah just left for guatemala for ten days. =( i'm sad. i always get sad when he leaves cause i just LOVE him so much! but, i especially get sad now that i'm all prego and emotional. poor micah, its hard on him to know that i'm at home and feeling all emotional. i know it's not fair for him that i cry and get sad. so i try so hard to be brave and say goodbye with kisses and smiles. and then i cry in the car all the way home from LAX. Thankfully I had ava with me. =) she slept in my lap all the way home. so cute! it cheered me up. anyway, i'm home now. it's 1030pm..WAY past my bedtime =) oh! tonight at dinner, i felt deige move quite a bit. and it made my heart so happy. okay, that's all for tonight! sweet dreams!


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