Friday, June 29, 2007

Love My Belly

So, there is the sweetest company called Love My Belly. They recently had one of their T-shirts photographed in a gossip mag cause Selma Hayek was wearing it! I remember seeing it and thinking, "that's so freakin cute! I want one!" Well, yay for me! I got one~! it's adorable. it says, "stylish sexy pregnant" and it's really cozy black cotton. i love it! i can't wait to sport it! I need my belly to get a little bigger before i can fill it out nicely...but will definitely rock it when the belly's there =) They also sent me a really fun Horoscope T for me. it reads, "love my virgo" cause i'm having a virgo baby! =) super fun. super sweet. make sure you check out their things. They are online and great!~ If you need help contacting them, feel free to contact the girls at chicblvd by going to WWW.CHICBLVD.COM


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