Tuesday, June 26, 2007

water did the trick

Today was my second monitor testing at the dr. last week we did the same thing and deige didn't move a whole lot...so, one week later we did the same test. i got tot he dr. early and they told me that my normal dr was out sick =( sad. but i really wanted to be hooked up to the monitor. so i chose to wait for a midwife named marcia. she was super nice. and i felt very at ease. i always do at dr. offices for some reason =) some girls hate dr. visits...i love them!

anyway, i was hooked up to the monitor for about 20 minutes before they came in with a glass of ice water for me. i drank it and they disappeared for another 20 min or so. and then in they came with more water! i was thinking " they didn't do this last time. i wonder if they're worried i'm dehydrated or something." but on and on the waiting and water drinking went. until marcia came in to see me. she said, "oh good! the baby likes the water!" i smiled and said, "what?"

"i had the nurses give you water in intervals to see how the baby responded and he responded beautifully!" i guess he had several huge kicks within 5 minutes of me drinking the water. so, looks like water did the trick! deige was a happy little fella at the dr today. kicking and moving a lot. and his heart beat was perfect! i love listening to the heartbeat. it makes me feel relaxed. i didn't even realize how long i was at the dr today cause i was so in love with that heart beat. =) so fun.

yay for deige. his movement is perfectly normal and his heart is very steady. i celebrated after the visit by going to target =) i bought a few little outfits for deige to celebrate how good he did at the dr today =) so fun!

anyway, my day got even better because my hubby called me from skype. it's an online instant message, phone, and video service thing. he popped up on the computer screen adn i was able to see him AND talk to him for quite some time today. so, i really enjoyed that. it was a great bonus to a great day. i miss him so much and can't wait to have him home. =) thursday is the day! i'll get him around 1230pm. =) can't wait.


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