Friday, June 1, 2007

Gifts from the mail man!

So, as every new mommy will tell's super fun shopping for the baby while you're prego! It gets you all excited and helps prepare you for the arrival! Though I have done my fair share of shopping, I've been blessed with a lot of gifts from family and friends. So nice! And its even more fun when the mail man brings a package for the baby! One of my favorite things arrived in the mail yesterday! I received the CUTEST changing pad from I have loved their products for a while and have actually been looking at their products online since we found out we were pregnant. So I was beyond thrilled to receive one of their cute changing pads in the mail! The fabric is really pretty and feels super durable. I can't wait to test it out...only 3 and a half more months! Wow, time flies! Crazy! And I also got a really fun package of cutie boy stuff! It's a sweet surfer bib, changing pad, blankie and burp cloth from a website called The really fun part about that gift is that my husband is a pro surfer! So, I always think it's cute to see baby surfer stuff. =) I know a lot of people may think I'm cheezy for liking that, but I think it's so cute! Like a miniature version of his Daddy! Anyway, the fabrics are so soft and I know I'll end up ordering more in the future! Definitely check these two retailers out if you're online shopping for baby stuff! It is addicting~ online shopping, but it's so fun and so worth it when the mail man brings a little present to your door...even if you buy it for yourself! =)


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