Monday, June 18, 2007

my hubby, the fisherman

my hubby is such a water boy. he surfs, he swims, he loves to fish...anything that has something to do with the ocean, he's all about it! =) the other day when i came home from the baby shower in colorado, micah was so proud to show me the fish he had caught! he had gone fishing all afternoon with our neighbor. they apparently caught a lot of fish and had a ton of fun. and my cute husband is so excited to teach our son to fish. i know it will be a while before he can do so, but...he can't wait! micah even bought Deige a bunch of fishing reels and what not. He is also in the process of collecting old family fishing photos. Pictures of great grandparents, grandparents and his dad and mine. It's really sweet. I hope for Micah's sake that Deige falls in love with the sport of fishing. =) it will be nice to have my boys enjoying the same thing. especially since my hubby is such the fisherman =)


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