Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tori Spelling loved it!

So, i don't know if any of you watched the Tori Spelling show called "Tori and Dean Inn Love" but my husband and i did...and we loved it! =) Anyway, i became a huge tori spelling fan after watching it! =) ha ha. i know, i'm a nerd, but she's so funny! and i loved the show! But my point is...she got this pair of pajamas from Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear and LOVED them! So you can imagine how thrilled i was to receive a white lounge set from the same website! hers was peach...but i like my white ones just as much =) Anyway, it was a nice treat because they are so comfy and fun to wear. It's hard being prego at night. cause everything is uncomfortable and sleeping is such a drag...but i think knowing my jammies are so cozy and soft makes me sleep better =) silly, i know! but i think it helps!

So, if any of you would like to try these jammies out, you can now get 10% off!!! The owner of the website sent me a letter and gave me a secret code just for chicblvd readers! if you type in SMAIi-10 you will automatically get 10% off. It's worth it! These are so cozy and would make a great gift for you or someone you love. Also, they have cutie bbabybling stuff on there website. i got the baby blue bib and hat for my son and it's freakin cute!!!! So, check it out, and use the coupon code! Hopefully you all like it as much as Tori Spelling and I =) hehe


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