Saturday, June 23, 2007

no! not again!

So, the last few days i've been feeling sick again. just like i was at the beginning of the pregnancy. but, it's way more intense. i think i had all the food that i ate for the day exit my body last night. it was really horrible. thankfully my sister anna was here to comfort me. it's the worst to be sick and all alone. i was glad to have her here. last night was one of the worst nights ever and all i kept thinking was, "no, not again!" i thought i was PAST the sick phase of pregnancy. but, apparently it's normal for morning sickness to come back in the last trimester if you had it bad during the 1st. so...that could be it! or else i just have a little bug...either way, it hasn't been fun.

ps. just a tip to those of you who may be experiencing morning sickness, or all day sickness (which is what happens to me)...the prego pops work magic! you can buy them online or at babiesrus. they are so good. taste like candy and really do help lighten nausea and ease upset stomachs. so...worth a shot. =)


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