Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deige Byrne

His name is going to be Deige. =) i know, it's so different. =) it's pronounced like "beige" but with a "d". i really think it sounds good with my last name. and it sounds like a hot boy name! =) you know? like, if i had known a boy named deige, i could totally hear my sisters and i coming home to mom and dad saying, "i have such a crush on deige byrne." sounds good. =) and i feel like deige byrne is a great name on a business card and everything! of course people might call him "deja vu" or something dumb...but he'll be such a stud, he can handle it! we LOVE the name and are so excited to meet him face to face. i am so anxious now more than ever to get to meet him! this is the longest 9 months ever! 3 more to go! See you soon, little Deige!


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