Thursday, June 14, 2007

Growing Belly

My belly is growing fast! I can't believe it! My first 5 months, i only gained one pound for each month. so, by the start of my 6th, i had only gained 5 pounds...well, during my 6 month checkup i learned i had gained 7 pounds in one month! ah!!! i was mortified! i know its not a big deal. i mean, it's only 12 pounds total for the last 6 months. so...with that said, i'm in good shape weight-wise...but it just shocked me that i had gained 7 pounds in a month! i don't think i've ever done that before in my life. it's kind of fun because this is the time in life when it's okay and healthy to put pounds on. =) i really have enjoyed watching my belly grow. it will be fun to see the changes that occur in the next 3.5 months. =) i'm still wearing size small and medium tops and my pants, i just went up a pant size and wear them really low on my waist. =) so far most of my clothes still fit. but my bras are a different story! oh man! i went from a large A or small B to a....are you ready for this??? a 34dd !!!! AHH! i have never in my life imagined my boobs would get this large! its pretty fun, but such a pain to bra shop. and the worst part is that my milk hasn't even come yet!! i can only imagine how big i will be in the end. =) anyway, this is really an exciting part of the journey. the female body is so neat! we're so lucky to get a chance to experience pregnancy and all its glory! =) okay, so enough about my growing belly and shrinking bras...more later! =)


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