Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today was fun because my husband was so excited that it was Father's Day. You could just tell he was all cute and excited when ava (my dog) and i got up this morning to make him a special breakfast. we made him pancakes and eggs and these special sausage balls that my family has always made! oh! i should share the recipe with you all. it's so yummy! you'd love it! it's one package of jimmy dean sausage. i like turkey sausage better, but do whatever you'd like. add 1/2 cup of bisquick, and one package of shredded cheese. i use mild cheddar. my mom and dad use sharp. you can pick whatever you'd like. mix it all together and place in oven preheated to 375' and bake for 20 min. they are seriously delicious! and my husband LOVES them~ so make them for the special guy in your life and see if it's a hit! =)

anyway, we later went to his parent's house where we bbq'd and just relaxed and enjoyed one another's company. micah was thrilled when his mom and dad each gave him a present for his first father's day. he got a baby aquarium bath tub from his mom. she said that when micah was a baby, that was the way his dad bonded with him. by giving him baths. so...she gave micah a baby bath so he could bond with his son over bath time. =) i thought that was sweet. =) and his dad gave him a tool belt! =) micah was really excited!

all in all it was a really fun and special day. i really enjoyed seeing how happy micah was to celebrate being a father. =) he'll be the best daddy to our little boy! i can't wait to see them together!


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