Tuesday, June 19, 2007

quiet baby

So, my visit with the doctor went well. i had a glucose test today, don't know the results. but DO KNOW that the glucose drink was disgusting! would not want to have to repeat that test ever again! it's nasty! anyway, i had to wait around the lab for an hour, but luckily i scheduled an OB appt during that hour of wait time. =) so, that helped pass time nicely. i only gained 1.5 pounds today. so i'm at a total of 13.5 pounds for the 26 weeks of pregnancy. it's weird to think that i only have 14 weeks left! that's going to fly by! weird! ah! i'm nervous! the closer i get to the due date the more nervous i am! i just don't know what to expect, so i'm so scared. but still excited! =)

anyway, while i was in the doctor's office, i mentioned that the baby hadn't been moving as much as normal. she listened to the heart beat and it was strong. =) but she was concerned so she had me stick around for a few hours to test his movement. i had to wait there anyway to have my blood drawn from the glucose test. but even if i hadn't had to wait for the glucose test, i would have been more than happy to sit there on that machine all day if she wanted me to! it's just an uneasy feeling to think that maybe something could be wrong...

so, she hooked me up to the monitor and after an hour and a half, he had only one big solid movement. she said most babies move every 10 min or so. Deige was just super still and quiet today. just as he has been the last few days...i was nervous when she looked over the results and told me he had only one big movement. his heart was strong and steady and he did move. just not big movements that the monitor could pick up on. i did feel him turn and do little kicks and what not. but he's normally such a little monkey in my belly! so, small movements seem like zero movements to me. since i'm used to him pounding on my belly all day long! anyway, she had to detach me from the monitor so i could go have my blood drawn. and when i came back into the office she said she was going to speak with another doctor for a moment. i got sooo nervous!

when she came back she said, "allison, it's okay. we're sure everything is fine. his hearbeat is beautifully strong and steady. and his movement was normal, other than we would have liked to see a few more BIG movements." i kind of just starred at her. i still felt uneasy about it all. she said, "he's probably a small baby, but we will re-check everything on monday. if you need to come in sooner, please call. let me know if you dont' feel like everything is normal. monitor movement at home as best you can. but don't worry. dr. erickson and i feel like everything is fine."

so...quiet baby. why is he so quiet and still right now? my mind is so frazzled. it's just an uncomfortable, uneasy feeling knowing that he's not moving as much as he used to. micah said that they wouldn't have let me go home if it was a really big deal. and he's right. but i still felt like it was a big deal. and now i'll probably worry all night long. waiting up all night just to see if i feel him move a little more.

anyway, that's the news from today. i'll for sure update you all on his movement and also my next dr visit on monday =) say little prayers for deige...i only have 14 more weeks to grow him big and strong! =)


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